Speed Up Your Slow Computer

 Is your computer causing you problems, such a significant decrease in performance so you can get anything completed.

I’ve been there and believe me I know how frustrating this can be. I therefore hope that the following tips can help you out.

1) Repair or Clean The Registry.

Most of us that use computers are totally unaware of the important of the registry, when it comes to the performance of your laptop or PC. It’s only when the system starts slowing down or freezing that you realize how important theregister actually is.

If the problems are not dealt with, your system will eventually crash. Therefore you need to ensure that that maintenance is done regularly, so that these common problems don’t re-occur.

Therefore the best and safest way to implement this procedure is to use a quality registry cleaner and I stress the quality part. The good ones will allow you to have a free scan to highlight the existing problems that are causing you the relevant issues.

If you considering trying to fix the problems manually, then I stress that unless you are fully aware of what you are doing, I would strongly advise against it. You will only make worse, the issues that exist already.

The software worked for me on fixing the issues on my own laptop. It was running so slow that it was driving me absolutely crazy. However this software restored my laptop performance. I found it easy to download, install and implement. This are the reasons that I can recommend it to you.

An important point if you should decide to go ahead and download the software, always make a backup of your registry. Indeed it’s a good habit to make backups of all your vital data.

2) Hard Drive Needs De-fragged.

Again most users don’t realize the impact of a fragmented hard drive upon the performance of your computer. The fault happens over time and when the data is all over the place on the hard drive, it means that the system has to jump too and fro to read it. This means in effect a slowing down of the system.

In some cases files are split up and this actually makes things worse. The tools to de- frag the drive and sort out the data to be read, should exist on your computer and it will certainly benefit the existing speed.

3) Make Sure That You Have Good Anti-Virus and Malware Software Installed.

Are you getting unwanted pop ups appearing. Then please don’t ignore them as it’s probably a sign of unwanted malware. The important thing to stress is that this type of spyware can monitor your keystrokes and obtain vital personal and financial information such as passwords and credit card details.

In addition if a virus exists within your computer it will place quite a strain on the workings of the computer system.