Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Slow Computer

Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Slow Computer If your PC or laptop is running slow or freezing up, it must be driving you crazy. I know how you are feeling because I have been there.

Here are some simple tips to resolve the problems.

1: – You need to clean up your registry and optimize your system. Most computer users are very much unaware of the importance of the Windows registry until common problems such as a decrease in performance happens.

The registry is where the important and vital information relating to your programs is stored. Basically your software,applications will not work without your registry.

Over time, as we install and delete old and new programs, there is conflict with the relevant program files. As a result files become corrupt and then the common problems such as a decrease in performance happens. In addition your system can freeze from time to time.

These problems can be prevented with regular maintenance using a quality registry cleaner. If this the only thing that you do on a regular interval, you will notice a great improvement in your computer’s speed and performance.

The registry cleaner that we recommend is called Regcure Pro. This is because it has been tested by us. We found it easy to download and install and you do not have to be a computer expert to use the software. The product fixed the slow performance and freezing of our PC.

You can download a free scan from the link below and it will highlight any problems that happen to exist on your machine.

2: It’s essential to to remove any Malware or Spyware. Again the free scan from the link below will highlight any malware that happens to exist in your system.

The malware will contribute to the slowing down of your computer, by draining resources. If you getting unwanted pop -ups, this is a warning sign that malware exists in your system.

Don’t ignore this warning signs, as spyware is created with the intention of obtaining sensitive and vital information such as passwords and credit card details by monitoring your computer activity.

3: Free up space on your hard drive: Most users don’t realize that there should be a percentage of free space on the hard drive in order for your machine to operate at the optimum.

Therefore clean all your unnecessary files and programs from your computer. The programs or applications can be removed by using the control panel within your machine. You can also have this procedure done by running a scan from a quality registry cleaner. This is the safest and quickest way to do it correctly.

4: Try and not have unnecessary programs or processes running in the background. This does drain resources and slow down your computer system.

You can remove the programs this by clicking on the Start menu, typing MSCONFIG and hitting enter. Now go to startup and uncheck the items that you don’t require when starting up your system.

Ensure that you reboot your system to ensure that these changes do take place. Within Regcure Pro, there is a feature that will do this automatically for you.

5: Another way to increase the speed of your computer is to defrag your hard drive. You can access this tool from startmenu > all programs> accessories > system tools. Try and do this maintenance every two weeks.