Can Replacement Ink Cartridges Damage Your Printer

Can Replacement Ink Cartridges Damage Your PrinterIt’s widely accepted that print cartridges by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are expensive. There’s a number of reasons for this but the main reason is that by charging more for their cartridges, printer manufacturers can afford to charge less for the printer itself. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of consumers buy a cheap printer and then find OEM cartridges prohibitively expensive.

This is where replacement ink cartridges come in. Defined as any cartridge not made by the printer’s manufacturer, replacement ink cartridges offer a cheap alternative to OEM cartridges. While there are many reputable dealers offering this kind of printing solution, there has also emerged a market for poorly-made remanufactured and cloned cartridges.

If you choose to buy a replacement ink cartridge from a reputable dealer, you can be reasonably sure that it won’t permanently damage your printer through usage. The worse that can happen is if you damage the printer whilst installing a third-party cartridge, which most warranties won’t cover. Simply using a third-party cartridge shouldn’t break your printer.

Replacement cartridges generally do have more technical issues

Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Slow Computer

Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Slow Computer If your PC or laptop is running slow or freezing up, it must be driving you crazy. I know how you are feeling because I have been there.

Here are some simple tips to resolve the problems.

1: – You need to clean up your registry and optimize your system. Most computer users are very much unaware of the importance of the Windows registry until common problems such as a decrease in performance happens.

The registry is where the important and vital information relating to your programs is stored. Basically your software,applications will not work without your registry.

Over time, as we install and delete old and new programs, there is conflict with the relevant program files. As a result files become corrupt and then the common problems such as a decrease in performance happens. In addition your system can freeze from time to time.

These problems can be prevented with regular maintenance using a quality registry cleaner. If this the only thing that you do on a regular interval, you will notice a great

Ways to Renew Your Old Computer

Ways to Renew Your Old ComputerWhat happens when you have an old, poor performing computer which sucks your time and create frustration every day? Here are 7 ways in which you can make the best of it.

1. Upgrade

Did you just install a software or game, and your computer is crawling while loading them?

Yes, it’s probably a very good to spend some money, and upgrade that tortoise. It’s definitely one of the best ways to speed up the old computer with minimum cost.

While it’s not always possible to do an upgrade, especially for laptops, you should still be able to upgrade its RAM and hard disk drive. RAM, also known as PC memory, can give you an extra boost in performance. And upgrading your hard disk to a solid state drive is another way to do it – not only will it boot up faster, your applications will perform better as well.

Just these two minor upgrades will keep your computer fresh and faster.

2. Steroids for CPU

While some computers don’t have the option to upgrade their processor unit

Is Cloud Computing Going To Take Over The World

 If you believe the hype, IT departments are about to become redundant and all that shiny hardware and flashing lights in the server room are about to become a thing of the past. We can look forward to the history and archaeologymuseums setting up displays of the IT Director’s office next door to the caveman exhibit!

Well, sorry to burst the cloud computing marketing bubble, but this is just not so. Cloud computing is full of issues as the technology develops, and as with any relatively new and innovative service or product, the application to the real world is uncovering new issues just as much as discovering new ways in which old issues, such as privacy have to be handled. Cloud computing offers some extremely excellent benefits but, developers and users must exercise a degree of circumspection and engage in regular reality checks!

To give you some perspective, look at the fat-client 1990’s with many claiming that the days of the mainframe were over. Thin-client installations grew extremely rapidly wit the likes of Citrix and ASP’s (Application Service Providers) making use more stable technology and faster web links

Getting Started With IPC

The Independent Profit Center, or IPC, has been helping real people make real money online since 2008. The decision to let IPC help you is the first step towards building your very own online fortune.

Many people seem to think that all it takes to make moneyonline is to join a program and advertise a bit. Unfortunately there is a little more to it than that. Fortunately for you, however, joining IPC will provide you with all the tools you need to create a great income, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The catch, of course, is that you actually need to use the tools provided, and put in a little time and effort, before you will see your income growing. The good news is that the IPC system is so easy to use that 98% of the work has already been done for you. Here we are going to go through the first few steps to getting you on your way to your IPC income.

The IPC program requires two payments, one of which goes to your direct sponsor and one which goes towards administration fees. Your sponsors payment is $200, and the admin payment

How to Choose the Right Touch Screen Monitor For Your Project

Digital signage is making an incredible leap intointeractive signage with the help of the mobile phone market. While mobile phones have brought awareness to interactivity and its many advantages, they have also brought with them a need for education on the differences between touch available for a phone and that which is available in a touch screen monitor.

Many articles have been written about the different touch technologies available for this new interactive digital signage market, but not many address how these different technologies also differ in the amount of touch points offered. And many touch screen monitors in the market say they are “multi-touch” displays. While this might be true, most touch displays are actually dual touch, meaning they can only support two different points of touch. This is important to understand because some applications for touch require more than two points.

Education has proven to be an early adopter of large format touch screen monitors, whether for K12 or higher ed. The sizes these institutions are looking for are between 55″ and 85″. Imagine having a large touch screen display but only two points of touch. Now imagine having an even larger

Tips In Looking For A Reliable Computer Help And Support Service

Most of the time when people buy something new, they expect that product to be absolutely flawless; after all, it hasn’t been used and there’s no way that anything has been done to it that would corrupt its quality. However, as mass production and cheap prices have become the trend (especially among Chinese manufacturing companies), quality consciousness is often pushed aside. Recently, anonline gadget forum focused on this top-selling netbookbrand and a large number of users claimed to have experienced the same problem with a particular model; the device wouldn’t turn on even when the battery was fully charged. Most of the users added that they had only been using the netbook for a week or so — not even a month and they were already having problems with it. Thankfully, the warranty allowed them to have their netbooks fixed by specialists for free, but still, the whole thing was just a big hassle for surely it would have been better if there was nothing to fix.

Well, most computers are sold in their most perfect working condition, but over time, excessive or careless use can compromise their functional

Total Cost of Ownership For Cloud Computing

Sometimes it seems like small and medium businesses (SMBs) and mid-market enterprises can’t catch a break. Even before the recession struck, many were struggling to compete in increasingly competitive and demanding business environments. Keeping up with these demands and trends- from fast-evolving technologies to changing customer expectations to new, sometimes global, competition-made life increasingly challenging for SMBs. Then the recent global recession hit hard, and in many cases, limited resources and reserves made it tough for SMBs to bounce back.

Even as we emerge from the recession, these ongoing pressures and fiscal uncertainties continue to weigh on SMBs. Consequently, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a top consideration when evaluating potential business applicationoptions.

The good news is that cloud computing has come of age, and is providing SMBs with access to computing resources and capabilities that were once out of reach. More businesses are determining that cloud-based services, especially software as a service application offerings, can provide SMBs with more powerful and capable solutions while decreasing capital outlays and operational costs.

Cloud computing eliminates the need for individual companies to buy, deploy and maintain IT infrastructure orapplication software. In the cloud computing model

The Ins and Outs of Computer Accessories

 The first computer was the size of a large room. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise that they weren’t part of every home. However, with the boom in information technology, personal computers have become necessary equipment for every home. Today, a home is incomplete if it doesn’t have a form of computer such as laptop or desktop computer. However, it is essential to remember that a computer is incomplete without its proper accessories. There are a myriad of computer accessories that are needed to ensure that thecomputer works efficiently and serves its unique purpose.

Some of the common accessories include:

Headsets: This accessory is often needed by those individuals who have to indulge in typing and also do listening or talking activities at the same time in their specific work environment. Users can easily do their jobs because these headsets come with a microphone and speakers. This particular accessory can prove to be useful in a variety of areas such as in gaming for children or in call centers.

Webcams: This accessory has gained a lot of popularity since the trend of instant messaging was brought into the limelight. These are small cameras and sometimes even

All In One Computers Technology Evolving Right Before Our Eyes

Computers have experienced all sorts of innovation since first being developed and filling up entire rooms to completesimplistic tasks. We’ve seen the advent of personal computers, networking office solutions, the rise of the Internet, user-specific software, and, of course, the portable computers that became known simply as laptops. Today, we are experiencing a new revolution in the world of computing that is sure to set the standard for the future. This groundbreaking technology is what is referred to as the all-in-one computer.

What makes these types of computers “all-in-one” is the fact that the “tower” of the computer is situated within the monitor. Additionally, keyboards and mouses operate wireless, which helps significantly to cut down on the number of cords going to and fro. And, with the fact that most printers on the market today have wireless capability, that’s one more cord that you don’t need. In fact, the only cord you really do need is the one connecting your computer/monitor to a power source.

Operating Systems Geared For the Future

In the past, most operating systems for computers have been relatively primitive and even somewhat confusing. The persistent demand for operating systems

What Is Included In Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance Cover

Commonly there are three different levels of uninterruptible power supply maintenance cover contracts available.

Normally an annual service is the best way to check on the condition of your UPS power supply. This usually includes an engineer carrying out tests on the fans, filters and DCcapacitors.

Multiple service visits can also be added if required and companies can even tailor-make a bespoke level of cover if more rapid response times are needed. More than one visit a year can prove invaluable as the engineer can spot a weakness in the system and replace parts which ensure the UPS power is always available when you need it.

A ‘basic’ UPS power device maintenance contract is the most popular type of contract. This is usually an upgrade or extension of the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It provides a basic agreement of 24 hours a day, seven days a week telephone support and a four to six hour on site response to emergency call-outs depending on location.

It also includes one or two preventative maintenance visits per annum during normal working hours. All parts are included if the unit is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All parts are included if the unit is covered by

Desktop Computers Are Easily Fixed And Easily Upgradable

Repairing computers isn’t too much of a big deal, if you know someone who knows a bit about computers then your problem can be resolved almost immediately. What you need to know is that if your problem is software, fixing your computer will be a breeze with a reformat. Means that your files will all be deleted and replaced with a fresh new operating system, blank and without any viruses and malicious malware but also void of any past files you have had, important files or not so important files will be lost. The good news is you will have a PC again, very fast because of its newer operating system but the bad news is that you can never retrieved those files you had before. So before you decide to reformat, be sure you dint have important files on your hard disk first.

Now how about if your problem is hardware? If you have a broken motherboard, then you must replace it. But you can keep your other cards and add it up on your newmotherboard. Your processor won’t need to be changed too; the good

Simple Step to Consider when Choosing a Notebook PC

Just like choosing any other PC, one must be very careful when choosing a notebook PC. It is unlikely that you can return the computer once you buy it just because you do not like it. Once you buy your notebook, you will have to stick with it for quite some time and therefore it very important that you are sure to get the best product that will serve you for the longest time possible.

The first step is just to be sure of what you want. There are many computers that you can choose from. You may want a desktop or an AIO instead. These are equally good options and therefore, you must decide which one works best for you. Once you are clear in your head on the product that you want, you can now go ahead and follow other steps that will lead you to your purchase of the best option.

Then you have to decide what you want the laptop for. The latest notebook PC may not be a solution to you problem and therefore instead of going for the latest, assess what you want to use your it for

Speed Up Your Slow Computer

 Is your computer causing you problems, such a significant decrease in performance so you can get anything completed.

I’ve been there and believe me I know how frustrating this can be. I therefore hope that the following tips can help you out.

1) Repair or Clean The Registry.

Most of us that use computers are totally unaware of the important of the registry, when it comes to the performance of your laptop or PC. It’s only when the system starts slowing down or freezing that you realize how important theregister actually is.

If the problems are not dealt with, your system will eventually crash. Therefore you need to ensure that that maintenance is done regularly, so that these common problems don’t re-occur.

Therefore the best and safest way to implement this procedure is to use a quality registry cleaner and I stress the quality part. The good ones will allow you to have a free scan to highlight the existing problems that are causing you the relevant issues.

If you considering trying to fix the problems manually, then I stress that unless you are fully aware of what you are doing, I would strongly advise against it. You will only make worse,

Online Computer Tech Support Provides Quick and Affordable Remedies for Your PC

In today’s fast paced life, nothing is possible without computers. All over the world, computers have become the primary support system to millions, across all kinds of functionalities. Hence the world comes to a standstill if something happens to our desktop or laptops. There are many times that we face the problem of a slow running computer, or a non responsive machine, and don’t know how to fix the problem. Many of us who are regular computer users don’t know the complexities of the hardware and software that make a computer run. So, when something happens that is beyond our control, we generally panic.

This kind of problem can crop up at any time, and can take you by complete surprise. But worry not, as there’s a fairly easy way to deal with this problem. There are remote service providers, who are referred to as online computer technical support, who can fix your PC problems just over a phone call. It sounds too fantastic to be true, but it is how many around the world are fixing their PC problems at all hours 365 days. The most reassuring thing about these kind of service providers is

How To Print Parts At Low Costs

Printing parts at lower cost has become a reality nowadays. In the past, parts of machines and other stuff were made with heavy industrial machinery, and the cost of this machinery was in billions of dollars. But 3D printing has changed everything. Let’s know more about it.

3D printing, aka additive manufacturing, is a state-of-the-art technology, which is used for fabricating objects with the help of a machine that binds materials, such as metal or plastic together and then prints the object layer-by-layer. The application areas of this technology include medical field, education, manufacturing, architecture and archaeology, just to name a few.

Since 2010, the 3D printing industry has been making a lot of progress on a global level. After 4 years, the market size grew to an awesome figure of 4.1 billion dollars. Primarily, 3D printing uses high quality materials, equipment and software in order to print objects.

For ease of understanding, you can make two categories of the equipment used for 3D printing: personal equipment and industrial equipment. 3D printers that are designed for personal use come with a lower price tag. Basically, they are used in education and personal DIY projects.

Should You Build Your Own Mini PC

Nowadays there is a large number of alternatives when it comes to mini-PCs, many of which are barebones that you have to assemble yourself. Of course, these fetch a lower price and are often preferred by some people. Other mini-PCs come ready-to-use with all the parts and even the operating system pre-installed. Of course, their price is higher, though not by much, something that deters some people. So, what alternative should you go for?

If you are a hard-core IT enthusiast (the type of person who would prefer Linux or some other more esoteric OS, while also do computer-related DIY projects for fun), then a barebone may be the alternative for you. Although turning a barebone into a fully functional mini-PC is no easy task, it is still manageable and may be even fun for those super geeks out there. Plus you get to choose what components to put in your machine, something that some people like to have control over.

Nevertheless, if you are not a super power-user and care more about having a fully-functional and accountable PC, then it would probably be better to invest in a ready-to-use mini-computer. Apart from the obvious plus

How to Increase the Life of Your Printer

You have just come back from your holidays, you dust off your printer, pop in a camera memory card and set off printing your pictures only to find your printer isn’t working properly. Now before writing your printer off, here are a few tips and ideas to help prolong your printer lifespan and to get it working perfectly again.

Keep It Clean

You would think this is a pretty obvious point, but it is amazing how many people neglect to clean their printers.

Everything needs a clean now and again to keep it working properly, especially printers. In order to aid with the printing process, ink and toner contain additives such as wax, drying agents and lubricants all of which, expectantly, get into all the little cracks of the printer after long print jobs. A build-up of this will cause mechanical parts to stick and seize and cover important sensors in your printer.

The best way to clean your printer is to first turn it off. Next you will need a small brush (A clean, fine Bristle paint brush works well) to clean off excess dust in and around the printer exterior. For the

Data Center Relocation And Moving Its Associated Hardware

Data Center Relocation & Moving its Associated Hardware often leads a client to a specialty data center and server moving firm, for assistance managing and executing their relocation project.

“We are looking for data center movers and/or computer equipment movers”. Seems easy enough, just need to move some servers from A to B. Moving a data center seems like it’s just a matter of picking things up and putting them down. This isn’t the case at all and there are many considerations often left out of the thought process leading up to physical move.

The hope is that this short guide version will help to create a required level of awareness when you are physically moving your data center.

Not every company has the resources required to relocate a data center, or to physically move servers from place to place. The resources that are in place are often times working on the software, storage, DR, migration planning, checking over planning, and trying to work out the fail over bugs.

Often times the IT side of the house is presented with the task of moving the company’s data center, along with keeping the current IT

Spicing Up Your Keyboard Collection

When it comes to must haves for me concerning mechanical keyboards I always recommend the MKC Zinc Gold Tone Keyset. While the set can be a bit pricy at $50 for the set of just 37 keys to me it was well worth the investment. The first benefit you get from the keys is simply the look of them. Because they arrive individually wrapped they have no scratches or blemishes on the keys. Then when you contrast the keys to the plastic ones on your keyboard these shine and reflect all the light making them look very beautiful. Then the feel of the keys is much more superior to any plastic counterpart. Although they can be a bit cold at first touch it’s never an uncomfortable temperature. The smoothness of the keys also feels much nicer than plastic keys that usually are slightly textured. Even with the lack of texture your fingers don’t slide all over the keys and it’s still easy to use. These keys also provide a physical benefit along with an aesthetic one. Because the weight of the keys is a bit heavier than plastic keys it makes the spring in the switch easier to